Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nacho Cups

I hesitate to post my silly little Tex-Mex "snack", given that Annette has posted the best Mexican-style recipe in the family already.  In case you missed her recipe for green enchiladas, you should check it out here:

Our Favorite Green Enchiladas

Many in our family joke that we must have Mexican heritage as much as we love to eat Mexican food!  This little "recipe" (We all know it's just nachos in a cup-shaped chip. lol)  I came up with is easy, quick, flexible for your tastes, and of course YUMMY!  You can have it as a snack or add to it to make it part of a quick meal.  Play with it and enjoy!

Nacho Cups


Tostitos SCOOPS 
Can of black beans (drained and rinsed)
Salsa of your choice
Shredded Mexican Cheese

Of course this is SUPER SIMPLE ~

Line a cookie sheet with foil (I use non-stick.)
Place SCOOPS in a single row.
Put a few beans in each chip.
Drop a bit of salsa over the beans.
Cover with grated cheese.
Bake in a heated oven until cheese has melted.


Optional add on toppings:
 avocado/guacamole (Our personal FAVE!)
chopped green onion
sliced olives
diced tomato
sour cream 
taco meat  

Like I said - easy, peasy, but sometimes that's just what we need on a busy evening or for a quick kid-friendly lunch!  As always, make them your own and enjoy :)


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