Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Welcome to Our Pajama Party

Howdy and Welcome!

We are Annette and Beth -- two Texas sisters that share a passion for Food, Love, & Laughter.
We have recently realized the joy of cooking in the same kitchen.  As always, we compliment one another - we think so anyway.  We want to bring you into our kitchen to share in our passions and hopefully laugh a little with us.

WE LOVE FOOD!  Did we mention, WE LOVE FOOD?!

We think our country heritage, combined with our diverse life experiences, have led us to enjoy time in the kitchen at a whole new level.  Our families think we're crazy, spicy, silly, and a whole lot more that we won't go into today.  Hopefully this blog will convey the best parts of each of us.

Like most of you, we work very hard, and have for years.  Also like many of you, the first thing we do when we find ourselves at home is put our pajamas on.  Annette pretty much lives in hers whenever she gets the chance - lol.  Since, this blog is about having fun while creating food, we've decided we're going to do so in comfort -- PJs ONLY!

So....grab your favorite comfy PJs, a warm cup of coffee, and join us on our new journey together.

We already love ALL of you!

Dueling Spatulas on Christmas Eve = Joy = Couldn't Keep a Straight Face

Always in our PJs,
Annette & Beth 


  1. I genuinely appreciate your piece of work, Fantastic post.

  2. Thank you so very much! We appreciate you sharing our journey! Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  3. We held an event here in evening, and I have to say, it was fantastic. The sweeping views were incomparable and the atmosphere was just right.