Sunday, December 30, 2012

Great Invention For Coffee Lovers - Like US!

Anyone who knows me (Beth), knows I love many things, but coffee is way near the top of my list.  I have decided to give you a little "product review" today of one of my all-time favorite gifts.  It was given to me LAST Christmas by my amazing husband and I would have to say I love it as much today as a year ago!  Now THAT'S a good present!!!

Enough of the waiting... this awesome invention is my KEURIG!!!  I am going to have a difficult time, but I am going to try to tell you why I love it so much.  :)

Here is my beauty.  My husband picked this one, because you can select a variety of cup sizes, from very small to travel mug. That's one reason I love it!  =)

Another reason I love it is because there is no "leftover" coffee to clean up or throw away.  You get exactly the amount you want each time.  You can also have a variety of coffees all in the same day.

I love STARBUCKS!  So I can have my Starbucks or other bold roast coffees. (In my pajamas, without having to leave my house - BONUS!)
Attention:  That's also a MONEY SAVER!

Trey (husband) can walk right up and brew a cup of Decaf or "Half Caff."

 Kelsi (daughter) can get a little flavored coffee.

It is not uncommon when my "sissy", Annette, visits to see her try several types in one morning! :)

Let's say it is mid-afternoon and you're not sure you want coffee...
Well, the options seem limitless:
Kyle (son) LOVES the Hot Apple Cider!  Everyone enjoys the hot chocolate (with marshmallows of course)!

Trying to add green tea to your diet?  You can have it with the press of a button.  There are lots of varieties of teas!

"But that machine looks difficult to use."
Nope - Let me show you how SUPER EASY it is:
Select from your many choices:
Note that Trey does not like to have any "holes" in the Keurig carousel, so it's the least we can do to keep it filled up for him.  LOL

Lift the handle and pop in the "pod", then close the lid:

Select your cup size and press "brew":

Watch the magic happen:

About 1 minute later - yes 1 MINUTE...

A simple swipe with a wet rag and all is clean.  I "de-slime" occasionally by running vinegar through, followed by clean water.  It could not be easier! 

I enjoyed my "Half Caff" while putting together this blog -- don't want it to keep me up! :)

Morning coffee is probably one of the favorite activities for Annette and me.  It is part of every visit with one another, no matter where we are.  We sit and talk and talk (If you know us, you can imagine...).  We talk about joys, problems, memories - good and not-so-good.  Sometimes it's serious and includes tears, other times we might be laughing loud enough for the neighbors to hear.  Sometimes we even make calls to our other siblings, our Aunt Viv, or other friends or family and include others in our "coffee time".  We tend to get annoyed if we don't get this time together.  The day just doesn't seem right. 

Annette has the cutest story about our Daddy "letting" her drink coffee for the first time.  I know she will share it sometime.  I have that proud moment when Daddy visited my home and told me, "You really know how to make a good cup of coffee.  Not weak like most people..." That was music to this daughter's ears - sweet Daddy...
AAAHHH -- COFFEE, I love it!!!

We hope even if you don't love coffee, that you will create and share special times with your loved ones.  Let's make it a priority in 2013.

Always in our PJs,
Beth & Annette

P.S. Can you tell Trey got me a CAMERA for Christmas this year?? =D

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