Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Black-eyed Peas!!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I had to take this day and give highlight to something that is very near and dear to my heart!  BLACK-EYED PEAS!!! Any family member or close friend knows I have a "special" love, lol, for them. So many precious memories come flooding through me as I give homage to this food item.  In particular my favorite memory is of my sweet sissy (Beth) when we were little.  As we told you previously, we were raised on a ranch in West Texas.  Each summer our Daddy grew a huge magnificent garden.  We have such love and appreciation for good, fresh vegetables as he was not only known as "A Real Cowboy", but, an incredible farmer.

Beth and I picked peas together from the time she was about 3 years old.  When we picked peas we're not talking about a small amount of peas, but, bushels and bushels of those incredible legumes I hold so dear. ;)  I remember one day in particular when Beth was about three and we were sitting in the den at our house with our parents.  We all had our big, shiny metal bowls in front of us ready to start the shelling process.  Beth was so excited! She got to be a big girl and have one of those big bowls all to herself.  After diligently working on our pea shelling for many hours I looked over into Beth's bowl.  Big big smile on her face!  Looking so proud of herself.  She had...I don't know...maybe 20-30 peas in that big bowl.  Really special memory! I still get a glimpse of that little girl smile on my grown sissy's face from time to time.  Always takes me back to those memories.  Love it!! By the way...she learned how to be a masterful pea sheller. :)

As I don't live in the country any longer I don't get the opportunity to have fresh shelled peas very often.  This recipe as many to come is a fast, but, flavorful variation.  Typically you cook your peas with some kind of pork product for extra flavor.  This is a new way that is a little more healthy, but, still has great taste.

Today I'm using:

2 small bags of frozen black-eyed peas
4 cubes of  Beef Bouillon
Salt and Pepper

Place your black-eyed peas and bouillon cubes into a saucepan and cover with water. Boil for 3-4 minutes. Reduce the heat then cover.  Cook for 40-45 minutes.  Add additional water if you need more liquid.  Season with the salt and pepper to your own taste. Be sure not to over season as the beef bouillon is a little salty.


Perfect with cornbread!

Beth and I pray each and every one of you have a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve.  Be sure and spend some fun time with the one's you love and hold dear. We hope you'll try at least a few peas tomorrow, as in the South tradition says it gives us good luck for the up-coming year.  I'm not a very superstitious type person, but, choose to not tempt fate. I guess I'll make myself try a bowl of those precious legumes with a hot piece of cornbread.  :)  God bless one and all!

Always in Our PJ's
Annette & Beth

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